24-VII Danceforce, a non-profit organization, exists to continually motivate and create as a company in the art of dance and life; to always grow as individuals, becoming people of good character and integrity, always compassionate of others; to inspire others to strive for their highest potential.

Vision – The Achievement


24-7 Danceforce won 1st Place in the World of Dance Upper Division Competition held on January 23rd in Honolulu.

As a result of fulfilling our Mission, we will have expanded and pushed the level of excellence in the art of dance, in the community, as well as ourselves.

Goals – The Process

Motivate and Create – to create an environment that will release the passion and gifts of each dancer; to motivate each dancer to grow in releasing their ideas and expressing themselves through movement of dance

Individual Growth – to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in character and express compassion for others around them, making them well rounded individuals; learning discipline and integrity, being responsible for their own actions and decisions; helping them toward their future in whatever they choose to do
Affect Others – to help other companies and people strive for their highest potential and live out their dreams; to hold a level of excellence and professionalism in the community that will represent 24-VII Danceforce well.